Taskland.com Enterprise Project Management
Taskland.com is an ASP...

What does that mean?
» We manage the software.
» We manage the servers.
» We handle all the upgrades.
» Access your account ANYWHERE via the Internet.
» Software updates take minutes not weeks!
» You save money and headaches!
» You have a phone number when there is a problem or a question (877-379-8639)
» You can get started today!

Does that mean customization is limited?
Absolutely NOT!     "No Two Companies Work The Same" We have found this to be true, and have built our software with that fact in mind. There are many things you can do to configure your account (Such as attach custom variables, create custom processes, define roles, etc).

Also, we have a back-end mechanism to change how your account works on specific situations. We can attach custom code to specific actions on the system. This provides the ultimate in flexibility and gives us the ability to create customization on your account while maintaining a single codebase.

Go Ahead, Test Us! Send us our spec's, your outlines, your sketches, current reports. We'll give you straight no non-sense answers.

(from wikipedia)

An application service provider (ASP) is a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network. Software offered using an ASP model is also sometimes called On-demand software. The most limited sense of this business is that of providing access to a particular application program (such as medical billing) using a standard protocol such as HTTP.

The need for ASPs has evolved from the increasing costs of specialized software that have far exceeded the price range of small to medium sized businesses. As well, the growing complexities of software have lead to huge costs in distributing the software to end-users. Through ASPs, the complexities and costs of such software can be cut down. In addition, the issues of upgrading have been eliminated from the end-firm by placing the onus on the ASP to maintain up-to-date service.

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